You can use any number display without verification code

 To find out the total number of SIMs registered against

Enter your CNIC, your CNIC and click Submit. In case of foreign nationals, click on foreign identity and also find out pure sim data.

How do I know which number is registered in my CNIC?
PTA 668 provides a system to all cell phone users by sending a CNIC number, you can find the number of SIMs registered on your CNIC. The SIM card issued on your CNIC may be in the wrong hands, so don’t delay and spread it to your friends and family members and also check how many SIMs are issued and Pak SIM Database (Pak SIM Data) Through you can tell the details of the

SIM owner as well

For the second step, you need to send your CNIC number to the specific codes for each of your mobile networks and you will get the details of how many numbers are registered on your CNIC number and what those mobile numbers are. The codes are as follows:

Zong: Type V in the text message and send to 7911
Mobilink (Jazz): Send your CNIC (without any dashes) to 6001 (free)
Warid: Send your CNIC (without any key) to 789 (free)
Telenor: Send your CNIC (without any dashes) to 7751 (free)
Ufone: Dial * 336 * 1 # (free)

How to check registered SIMs?

To check the registered SIM cards you just have to click on “SIM Information” to enter your CNIC number to enter your number.

Nowadays, it is important for everyone to know how many SIMs are registered against his CNIC number. If you have additional numbers registered against CNIC, open this app and check your SIM database. If an additional number is registered other than to disable this number by visiting the nearest franchise.


All registered numbers on your CNIC are now very easy with the Pak Data app. It provides complete details of SIM registration. You can also see how many Zong, Jazz, Warid, Ufone, and Telenor SIMs are registered.

The Pak Tracker app is designed for a variety of tasks.

What’s inside:

SIM database
APP In this app you can check the details (ownership) of any number owner for free.
In the Sim SIM data section, you can check the registered SIM or registered number and owner details.

latest to get to know someone very easily through our latest app Pak Tracker. Using the Direct Tracker and Person Tracker section to get details of any number in Pakistan 2020. In this app you can check the details of any number and CNIC details from Coast Number. In this app we include number owner details and live tracker to get number data for free. SIM Database app is the most popular app in Pakistan. This app gives you number ownership and other mobile numbers and best of all it gives you accurate details like name, CNIC number and address etc.

Verification of vehicles in Pakistan.

This app will search for data of all vehicles registered in Pakistan.
Now you can get vehicle records of KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), Sindh, Quetta, Islamabad and Punjab.

Note: If your vehicle data is not present in the error of your application, then it means that your vehicle registration data in the consumption database has not been updated.

License Verification:

system This system is very easy to use. Go to the License Verification section and enter your CNIC without DNS and press Verify, and the system goes through the records with your query. And then you get the desired result. However, if you enter incorrect CNIC, the system will display a message “License data not found,” – meaning you will not be able to search and verify your data. So if you want to know if you are getting driving license information, always enter the correct CNIC number.

Land Record Check Online:

Pak You can find all property records of Punjab and Sindh online on Pak Tracker respectively.
Select your district, tehsil and region from the drop-down list.
Enter your CNIC number or property number to check property ownership in Pakistan.

Check electricity bills online:

چیک Check WAPDA bill online for all cities of Pakistan.
In this app you can check the bills of the following companies like (Mepco, Isco, Pesco, LESCO, GEPCO, Fesco, Mepco, Hesco, Qesco).

SUI Gas Bill Check Online:

• You can check your SNGPL Sui Northern gas bills online and also get duplicate prints.

Online courier tracking:
• You can track your courier online in this app.

Some other services are also available, with our Call Cracker software you can call from any destination. You can use any number display without verification code.

Android Monitoring Tools. Now you can view any Android mobile with all options sim-sms, call history, gallery, contacts and much more!

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