No Flowers in the Attica

Attica was on our list waiting patiently to be ticked off for some time but it never seemed to materialise until San Pellegrino announced its Top 100 World’s Best Restaurants List for 2011.  Not only did Attica make it to the 53rd place, they were also the only Victorian restaurant on the list.  Further to that, … Read more

Insatiable Crumbs : La Belle Miette

It is fascinating how a small circle of batter can carry with it such confusion from the way it is pronounced to its origin.  I will be the first to admit that apart from enjoying these fancy little treats, I didn’t give its history much thought until I discovered La Belle Miette.  It was here … Read more

Sodden Affair : +39 Pizzeria & Degustation Bar

The Nicolini family have been affectionately referred to as the Pizza Kings of Melbourne since their humble beginnings with Pizza Espresso in 1997.  Repeatedly voted the city’s best Pizzeria, they successfully revolutionized thick, cheap and greasy pizzas to “designer” pizzas with thinner, crispier crusts topped with gourmet ingredients.  The business was subsequently sold in 2003 … Read more

Hottest Babe In Town Or Just Lukewarm : Mamasita

A frivolous decision landed us at Mexico’s doorstep after Mr. Photographer finished his hair appointment in the city one fine Saturday.  At 5pm, it was too early for dinner and too late for afternoon tea leaving us with hardly any safe options.  The one easy choice would have been my current haunt Chin Chin but … Read more

Hail the Soy Sauce Nazi : Shira Nui

Hail the Soy Sauce Nazi : Shira Nui The best dining approach at Shira Nui is to secure a stool at the sushi counter and let owner/chef Hiro Nishikura impress you with the freshest ingredients Omakase Sushi style.  The joy of an Omakase experience is to simply “leave it up to the chef” and just … Read more

Shoya: The World Is Its Own Magic

Shoya: The World Is Its Own Magic   Buried deep within the confines of China Town in the CBD, Shoya is a restaurant recommended by many for its modern spin on traditional Japanese Omakase cuisine. Would Japanese master-chef Shigeo Nonaka live up to his reputation for unique and exquisite flavours? Settling into the restaurant, we couldn’t … Read more