How will the weight increase

How will the weight increase?

Nissan’s nature includes that he is not happy under any circumstances, if he is fat, he keeps trying to be lean and if he owns a weak body, he also likes to be fat. The fact is that a common man can be smart and strong according to his height. It is important that we take great care of our diet.

 Today I will talk about weight gain because people who have low weight or they are physically weak, they do not even have a look on their face that refreshes on the face of a healthy person, such faces are dark and yellow, and such people look old even when they are young, they do not look attractive to such weak women as they make.

 First, it is important to see what is the reason for this weakness, so a physician can tell, so before doing anything, contact your physician so that the cause of weakness can be found. Most of them are people who are either suffering from a dangerous disease or have lived. But most of them are young people who do not pay attention to their diet when it is necessary to use a balanced diet to live a healthy life. To stay healthy it is important that you eat at least three meals at your own time.

In order to look healthy, it is important that you complete your sleep, which covers at least six to eight hours. Even if a normal person does not fulfill his sleep, he may also suffer from physical weakness. In addition to this, you can choose a healthy diet that is high in calories and is also useful for your health. Healthy diet refers to lentils, rice, vegetables and fruits, not pizza and burgers. There are more calories in pizza and burgers but they make our health worse. Sometimes they can be eaten to change the taste, but making them a daily diet can not be beneficial in any way. 

We have to use a diet that can contain proteins, vitamins and salts. How many calories you use daily depends on your daily work how much you work hard if there is a hard work, more calories are needed and if there is less work, then less calories will be needed. If you think that I eat more and get fat soon, it is not possible, it is necessary to use more fat foods. Weak people must use their diet with eggs, potatoes, bananas, milk upper, butter, chicken, meat, fruit, fruits. Try. Keep full dieting from Fried items because they are harmful to health and you may suffer from diseases like cholesterol, blood pressure. In the morning breakfast, you can use eggs, fish and juice. 

Similarly, in the afternoon you can make chicken curry and eat different vegetable salads and pulses as part of your diet. In the evening you can also use meat, milk, cheese or any of the items made from them. Remember that whatever you eat exercise is necessary, it is not necessary for exercise to make it a routine exercise, but you can also take a walk. In addition, the weak body owner can also use key and kidney, sugar, carrot, banana and mango in his diet.

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