How to Cancel Your Costco Membership Card

There may be different reasons for your decision to cancel your Costco Canada membership card. See 2 methods to do it. Let’s also talk about why it might not be a good idea.

You don’t have to wait until the card is supposed to be renewed. You can cancel your membership card at any time by following one of these two methods.

You can call Costco Customer Service from home and cancel it over the phone. Visit to find their customer service number. It will be a 1-800 number. In Canada, the line is in French and English.

You can also cancel your membership card by visiting your Costco store. When you are in the store, go to customer service and ask for a refund. The associate will ask for your membership card and will also ask for ID to compare with the name on the card.

They will then refund you the amount according to the remaining days until the next renewal of your membership. The amount refunded must go to the same payment method you used to join as a Costco member. In other words, they will ask you for the same debit or credit card you used to sign up.

Why are you canceling your membership card?

Are you going to cancel your Costco membership card because you are moving to an area where there are no Costco stores? Are you doing it because you sold your car and can’t go to Costco like you used to? Did you make this decision because your family is smaller now and you don’t need to buy groceries in bulk?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, canceling your membership card is actually a good option. This will save you on membership fees and help eliminate impulse purchases (as is often done at Costco).

Do you just feel like the Costco card is weighing you down because you always feel guilty when you don’t shop at Costco while paying for your membership? This shouldn’t be the main reason to cancel your subscription. Costco offers lots of great deals and savings for its members. This is probably why you signed up for membership in the first place.

Costco’s unit prices are usually lower than your local grocery store. Costco also only keeps top-selling product categories, which simplifies our purchasing decisions. Plus, Costco has a super generous returns policy.

Costco is a more complex store that you need to know better. Costco’s prices are tricky but easy to understand. Costco’s bulk products and its private-label Kirkland give Costco tremendous buying power with its partners. So, as members, we get the best prices, although the variety of products may not be very rich.

Costco employees are paid much more than at any other grocery store. They tend to work there longer and they do a lot of rotations in the store. This, in turn, translates into better customer service.

Costco also has different membership levels. You just need to know which card best suits your needs. We’ve done all the math for you here. Take a look and see which card best suits your grocery needs with Costco.

In a nutshell, Costco will never prevent you from canceling your membership card. Your exit will be easy and the repayment will be smooth. But before you walk away from this store, ask yourself if you know Costco well enough and have researched enough to get the most savings from this store.

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