Best Subway Coupons and Promo [May 2022]

If you’re looking for new Subway coupons and offers valid in Quebec, we’ve got you covered. Discover all recent coupons and promotions. We have print and mobile offers for you. Save with these Subway coupons in 2022.

In 2022 Subway is the largest submarine sandwich chain in the world. In Canada, Subway is a good choice for a quick and nutritious meal.

This year the Subway menu has many delicious things that go beyond the traditional sandwich. You can enjoy salads, wraps, breakfast, and soups among the options offered. The bread you get at your local Subway is actually baked on-site and daily. Subway restaurants have remained a nutritious and affordable choice for over 30 years.

Even though Subway prices are already very affordable, we can still save with Subway coupons. Here’s how we can save money at Subway.

Coupons in the mobile app

To maximize savings with Subway, we recommend installing their official app on your smartphone. You can use mobile and postal coupons in your app.

Offers are plentiful in the app.

Here are the offers valid in your Subway app in May:

  • a free 12 in with the purchase of a 12 in with a drink: FTLNG
  • a 6 in. free with the purchase of a 6 in. with a drink: FREE6
  • any 12″ for $8.49 with: 849FTL
  • 2 treats for $5 with 2FOR5

You will now have access to all promotions in one click.

Printable and mail-in coupons

Subway sends out a good amount of coupons in the mail every month. These coupons are valid for 4 to 5 weeks. Each postal coupon includes information about the offer, conditions, and expiration date.

Mail-in coupons also include a promotional code that you can use in the mobile app to take advantage of the offer. Find the code in the coupons above.

Here are some promotional codes are taken from the postal coupons sent to certain places in Quebec in 2022:

  • 12″ select for $7.49 with promo code: 74912PO
  • 12″ of your choice for $8.49 with promo code: 12PO849
  • Two 12-inches for $15.99 with promo code: 12PO1599
  • 2 RĂ©galos for $5 with promo code: 2REGALOS

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