Best Calorie Calculator Apps for iPhone and Android

Best Calorie Calculator Apps for iPhone and Android

If you are trying to lose weight. Or try to live a healthier life, besides exercising. You need to follow a diet and count calories for what you eat or drink, and calculating calories may seem complicated, but when you get used to it, it is easy, and fortunately, there is a variety One of the best calorie calculator apps for iPhone and Android, you can choose the one that suits you best. Best Calorie Calculator Apps for iPhone and Android

Calorie counting apps are one of the easiest ways. To track your daily calorie intake from foods and drinks, helping you lose or gain weight if you need to. Here are the best calorie counting apps.

What are the best calorie counting apps for iPhone and Android?

MyFitnessPal is one of the best calorie-calculating applications. enables you to record food. Either manually or via a barcode scanner to show you the exact calories. As it is characterized by containing the largest food. Database of more than 11 million different foods, and as soon as you enter an item food you want to calculate how many calories the app does instantly.

Whether you want to lose weight, increase it, or change your eating habits. you can rely on the. MyFitnessPal application, which enables you to easily track. Nutrients by calculating fat, protein, and carbohydrate units. well as calculating sugar, fiber, and more, and the application. helps you record meals. throughout the day and keep them inside the application, application also. Helps you to track water consumption throughout the day to remind. You of water intake and. The application is not limited. To that only, but the application contains more than 350 exercises that you can choose what suits you to reach your goal.

MyFitnessPal is available for free download.

For both Android users through the Google Play Store and iPhone and iPad users via the Apple App Store.

SparkPeople App.

The SparkPeople application helps you live a healthy life and reach your goal by providing a calorie-counting feature that enables you to choose the appropriate type of food for the diet you follow, and the application contains a huge database of foods that you can search within easily, and the application also provides a barcode scanner feature Through your phone’s camera, and then the application displays all the nutritional information about the type of food you entered, including the number of calories and the number of nutrients inside such as carbohydrates, protein, and others.

Best fitness apps for Android and iPhone

The SparkPeople application is one of the best calorie counting applications, through which you can track your exercise and know the number of calories you have burned, in addition to providing several different diets including vegetarian, keto and other systems that you can choose between and the application helps you provide you With the right foods for you on a weekly basis and the ability to track your weight on a daily basis with articles from nutrition experts around the world to help you reach your goal in a healthier and more motivated way.

MyNetDiary app.

If you are looking for an app that helps you.  Count calories as a simple personal assistant for losing weight and following a healthy diet, MyNetDiary is one of the best calorie counting apps. The app features a simple and colorful user interface that helps you enter information about the foods you eat to know their calories.

The application helps you reach your goal, all you have to do is enter an appointment for an important occasion for you and you want to have a consistent weight before that date, and the application, in turn, provides the best appropriate diets for you to help you achieve the desired weight, and the application provides you with important tips in addition to saving hundreds of Easy recipes that you can try and that are suitable for your diet.

Chronometer app

The Cronometer application is distinguished. By its bright colors and its focus on providing information about calories in a group that is easy.  To understand using charts and icons. The main screen of the application displays three circles. Containing the current number of calories consumed. the evolution of target calories and calories burned, with an additional.  An icon that enables you to add the food you want to know its calories.

The Cronometer application is one of the best calories. Counting applications that provide.  you with the ability to add food through a barcode scanner.  whether you follow a keto.  diet, vegetarian or intermittent fasting, the application will help you to follow that system easily and without complication, in addition to the feature of tracking. the amount of water you eat.

Calorie Counter is simple in providing various nutritional information. As it keeps you informed of the number of calories in your meal through a barcode scanner or manually entered, and the application helps you calculate calories as well as providing tips about foods and exercises you do

The application provides a notepad feature that enables you to plan your meals on a daily or weekly basis, in addition. To knowing the calories. consumed as well as knowing the calories burned with the ability to track weight and. The ease of using the phone. s camera to keep pictures of your foods.With the ability to obtain reports that show your progress On your journey to reach your goal

EasyFit Calorie Counter

EasyFit Calorie . The counter is one of the. Best calorie calculator applications in the. Arabic language and helps you determine your goal accurately, whether losing weight, gaining weight, or maintaining the current weight, in proportion to your body measurements, and. Application is easy to use as it helps you calculate your calories accurately with the addition of a list With your favorite food to be aware of the calories inside them, the application also. provides a . Feature of calculating. Calories for pregnant women and wheelchair users with the ability to calculate the calories burned

. Applications that help you based on

Lose It is one of the best calorie calculatorsyour height, weight, age, and goals. Each the best result by determining the calories . Allowed for you throughout the day, and the Application features huge nutrition.  Database that enables the user to obtain information About the calories of food own, through the built-in scanner with the application to scan the.  barcode code available on canned foods.


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