Apples: Health Benefits, Facts, Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Food Lovers Society

What are the benefits of apple: 

apple is among the five most popular and common fruits in the world except for use and use related to ginger, bananas, mangoes and oranges. For our dimension, apple is number one fruit. We are aware of our taste in early childhood and know that the benefits of apples are very high. Man produces an apple tree for several thousand years. At the same time, this familiar fruit is a stranger, and instead of benefit, it can also harm..

Apples: Health Benefits, Facts, Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Food Lovers Society

In this Article I will discuss :

    • Which to choose: red, yellow or green apple
    • Apple health benefits
    • Apple benefits for pregnant women and children
    • Benefits of apple for laughter
    • Benefits of apple for cardiovascular system
    • Useful features of apple for pink
    • Benefits of sleeping apple
    • Benefits of apple for healthy teeth
    • Helpers of lever
    • Advantages and disadvantages of apple peels and seeds
    • Use of apple in traditional medicine
    • Benefits of apple tea
    • Preparation of apple leaves with a cold
    • Healing in the wounds, wounds and grasses of trees
    • How to use apple in home cosmetology
    • How to store apples in winter
    • What can the jasmine eat during the apple
    • Contraindications and loss from apple

    Nutritional value of calorie material and apple

     Apples, depending on the variety, degree of maturity and duration of storage, may have different calorie materials, unequal chemical composition. The calorie value of 100 g of apples ranges from more than 35 kg (in green and yellow varieties) to 52 kg in red. Low calories is one of the reasons for the popularity of apples for weight gain in different diets. Calories with heat treatment increases the value (in dry apples it is 66k, in dry apples – 243).

     + an apple is one of the most readily digested macronutrients (potassium, magnesium, salidum, sodium, chlorine, sulfirene, sophores and phosphorus) and iron elements (iron, zinc, boron, manganese, iodine, florine, molybenum, selenium, vanadium, nickel, rabidium, chromium). Apple pulp contains 85 to 87% water (completely refreshments and thirsty thirst), monosaccharides, disaccharides, organic acids (including apples and lemon). It is not rich in fats and carbohydrates (0.4 and 11%, respectively). Average size apples contain 3.5 g of fiber (10% of the daily requirement of fabric), 1% of pantyn and 0.8% ash Vitamins are most important in apples – their variety, quantity and lifesaving period (yet after several months of storage, they do not lose their psychic properties). It is a group of vitamin b (1-thiamine, 2-ribonflavinin, 5-pantothenic acid, 6-pide-oxygenin, 9-folic acid), vitamin-carotene, and vitamin a, c, e, h, pp, k etc People who constantly use different kinds of apples throughout the year (more than 10,000 of them in the world) will confirm the words an apple for lunch is not a disease”

    Apples: Health Benefits, Facts, Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Food Lovers Society

    Which to choose: red, yellow or green apple

     The colour of apple is influenced by the presence of pigments, chlorophyll, antioxidants, carotenoids etc. Red, yellow and green apples vary in taste. Consider popular wisdom “no friend of taste and color,” everyone likes what he likes. At the same time, in one situation, green apples will bring great benefits to other red or yellow ones, so it will be useful to know the characteristics of “sarang” apples green apples (granny Smith, smirinko and others) are often called useful. This is why green apple:
     + hypoallergenic (allergic reactions to them are extremely rare);
     Contains more than other apples, ascorbic and malik acids (improves digestion);
     Low galactic index (required for diabetes and cores);
     Consist of a large number of fibres. Fiber in the green apple is long processed by the body (reduces the feeling of appetite)

    Rich in patten (long time young);
     Lowest calorie (35 kcal) among apples.
     Red apples (glucosur, red tasty, etc.) are aesthetically very attractive. Juicy pants, glitter on barrels (markets that dealers have graciously advised), would say “eat me fast!”. The chemical hints of red apples are less than green:

     + they are hard for digestion (low acids);
     They are sweet (except for sweet teeth, but minus for diabetes and baby teeth).
     Yellow apple (golden delicious, banana, etc.) is a pleasant caramel smell. The taste of yellow apple is very different from green and red.
     + yellow apples: especially rich in petals;
     Contains many shrubs;
     Poor in iron compounds
     Promoting mature respiration (beneficial effect on liver).

    Apple benefits for pregnant women and children

     Apples are unnecessary during pregnancy, because: they help improve digestion (help in case of constipation) and metabolism;
     Thanks to vitamin a, the immune system will be maintained, calcium will not be extracted from bones and teeth;
     Vitamin b1 supports the central nervous system;
     Vitamins will remove pp and b3 immigrations (enhancing blood vessels);
     Rich in iron (hemoglobin will increase blood) and vitamin c, essential for expectant mother and child; Apples normalize blood sugar.
     The average daily dose is 3-4 medium sized apples. See that in order to increase the production of apple gastric juice, it is better to eat them for half an hour before taking the main meal. Fresh fruit can cause gas and can cause it. In this case, fresh fruit is required to replace cooked or juice.
     For lactating women, it is better to limit the consumption of red and yellow apples, as they can inhibit an allergic reaction, the appearance of color in a child.

    Benefits of green apples for children:

     not because of allele;

     Dental practice helps to train teeth (an open apple slice);
     Throne-free clean teeth;
     Red losses less than red teeth;
     Provides the baby’s body with essential mineral complex and vitamins;
     Promotes immunity and protects against viruses and bacteria.

    Benefits of apples for laughter

     Modifying the beneficial properties of an apple for humans, it should be noted that traditionally used as a remedy for cervical disorders (due to the beneficial effects of pectin). Malic and Tartary acid improve digestion and intestinal microflora. In order to avoid constipation, it is advisable to add baked apples to your menu .

    Benefits of apples for the cardiovascular system

     Potassium and kettins (antioxidants) in apples have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the heart muscles, improving blood circulation. Soluble fiber (pectin) reduces bad cholesterol levels in the blood. Regular consumption of green apples reduces the risk of heart diseases by 20%. Those who suffer from cardio dystosis, the sweet varieties of red apples are curved.

    Useful features of apple for pink

     Sweet and sour green apples act as a kolaswati, helping with dysentery. In the case of chronic cholecystitis, only freshly squeezed green apples should be eaten for breakfast for a month in the morning. The next meal or drink should not take 4-5 hours before. For gallbladder infections, it is also advisable to drink half a glass of apple juice for 20 minutes. 

    Benefits of sleeping apple before eating

     The fiber present in apples, their low calorie content, pleasant taste and easy availability of this fruit apple (first of all, green) is one of the most common ingredients of various weight loss 2-3 apples already or several glasses of apple juice a day will allow you to lose weight and generalize body metabolism.

    It should be remembered that: with peptic ulcers, green apples are minerals (sweet varieties should be used);
     Wipe the apple, do not have to be open with the skin;
     Apples make a discovery effect;
     For the best effect, they should be fresh, and heat treatment (if necessary) – least of all.

    Benefits of apple for healthy teeth

     The benefits of healthy teeth from apples are saturation with great minerals and vitamins, gum massage. Once on the road, you can brush your teeth with apples (use a piece of pulp as a toothbrush or just eat an apple and clean your teeth with THR But when using apples, remember that they contain a lot of acids. The effect of acid on tooth enamel in the process of using apples (especially sour or sour dessert) is “fill with jelly “. Apple’s lovers suffer the most. After eating an apple, advice the teeth to rinse your mouth (you can use any toothbrush before 30 minutes due to softening the teeth with acid. Cheese helps protect it – you must chew a small piece).

    Helpers of lever

     Regular consumption of apple and apple juice has a beneficial effect on the liver. Chlorogenic acid helps to remove oxalic acid, helps in the normal functioning of the liver. Remove soluble petains bad cholesterol. Apples are the real helpers of the liver in detecting the body – they remove carcine, heavy metals. 

    Advantages and disadvantages of apple peels and seeds

     Apple peel contains the lion’s share of vitamins, minerals, and oxidants – the benefits of its consumption are also higher than the benefits of pulp consumption: quarticon fights reduce inflammation, ursolic acid, fat deposits, so, you can often find recommendations to eat apples, with peel and seeds. If the ciplets are enlarged in clear areas, there will be no more damage (if the apples are not coated outside with wax and dubenyl, in which case it is necessary to stick the whole skin with a stick).

    Benefits of apple seeds are due to the presence of:

     iodine (the daily need can be satisfied with 10 apple seeds) – improves memory, improves tone.
     Vitamin b17 (amygdalene glucoside or bowl) – is an anticarcinogenic effect, improving the immune system, enhancing efficiency;
     Potassium (up to 200 mw) – is important for ease of digestion, heart and bones.
     An apple grain can also damage the body: the benefits of starvation, which divides the body into hydrocyanic acid, are damaged in case of excessive consumption of apple seeds – caused by poisoning with hydrocyanic acid. The use of apple seeds is contraindicated during pregnancy and during feeding with breast milk.

    Use of apple in traditional medicine

     Traditional medicines have long been used in their tradition that are characterized by the healing and healing of apple trees. Both fruits and fruits, tree flowers and flowers are used.

     Benefits of apple tea

     Apple tea, colds, urolithiasis, chronic rheumatism, is one of the most common treatments in the traditional medicine for sclerosis. This tea with the exception of nutrition and vitamin c (does not tolerate heat treatment) as well as nutrients as well as whole range in a ripe apple. You can compensate for it through slices of apple, sliced tea, and lemon juice. Regular use of such tea will help:

    Normal to digest;Control the pressure;

     Remove bad cholesterol from the body;
     Replenish vitamins and minerals;
     Lose more weight.
     For preparing apple tea using fresh and dry apples, apple buds and flowers. To taste it involves black or green tea, mint, honey, cinnamon. Especially during a useful diet and for those who followed the correspondence.

    Preparation of apple leaves with a cold

     Benefits of apple leaves are obvious for the body: they contain more vitamin c than apple fruits. Infections of apple leaves are used for intestinal tract and cold disorders. Recipe no. 1: 20 g of boiling water in dried apple leaves (200 ml);
     Add apple vinegar (1 teaspoon);
     Grasping 60 minutes
     Drink twice a day for half a cup of hot.
     Recipe no 2: dried apple leaves (2 spoons) pour boiling water (2 cups);
     15 minutes water bath grasping
     45 minutes and cool for tension;
     Drink 3-4 times a day for half a cup before meals. Effective hug with larynx and a hug with such a tenderness, you can poke your nose.

    Healing in the wounds, wounds and grasses of trees

     Sweet and sour apple apple pure long lasting wounds heal, prevent and burn skin inflammation. At home, it is not difficult to deal with grasses, from an apple to a healing wound, to knob on the lips and on the nipples: grind (use of brass or blender) apple;
     Add mass (1×1) thick (fat or pigment);
     Apply the wound three to four times a day, while healing the trees – wash the skin with soap and provide overnight.

    How to use apple in home cosmetology

     Apples are especially useful for women whose body experiences tendencies (due to boron, fluorescence reduces the risk of osteoporosis). On the question “what are the more useful apples for women?” The answer will be – apple helps become even more beautiful, rejuvenate, nurse and refresh the skin.
    Home cosmetology USES fruit, apple juice, leaves and flower extract. Usage methods: wash. Eicenna recommended avoiding washing with apple tree leaves. It will be useful for ordinary apple washing volts, cooking in a water bath, with a stick of green apples and orange sticks. For any skin, washing with sleeves water with apple cider vinegar (1 space per half liter) is appropriate;
     Massage face and neck skin is massaged by a piece of peppermint apple. For more dry sweetener for oily skin, sour apples should be taken.
     Making a green apple, making a net out of it, mix it with an egg mixer (sippleus should be high), apply to the skin and rinse with room water after 10 minutes;
     Grater apple on grater (1 TBSP l.), add 40 ml of cream, put masami potatoes in the cream, boil for two minutes and leave for half an hour. Put on the face, for 30 minutes, rinse with cold water;Peel an apple, grate and juice.
     Apply luminous luminous skin and apply resultant mass. Clean your face with wet and dry wipes after 20 minutes. Mask for oily skin:
     Mix a teaspoon of honey with a grated apple and a teaspoon of ground oatmeal or amli in a coffee mill. Wear a mask for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water; Mix grated apples with 2 tablespoon l starch (1 teaspoon), apply on face and rinse off after 20 minutes.
     A mask of apple juice (1 TSP), cottage cheese (2 TSP), half yellow and camer oil (1 TSP.) works effectively on dry skin. Mask should be worn for 20 minutes, then rinse first with warm and then cold water.
     Hair mask: apply on damp hair hair for half hour. Wash hair with shampoo;
     Pour five tablespoons of grilled apple with half a liter of warm milk, hold for two hours. Extract more milk and rub apple roots into hair roots and hair. After half an hour, wash.

    How to store apples in winter

     How to store apples in winter fruit is a big problem for lovers. Fresh apples are best stored in a cool and dark location. A lot of variety depends on quality. Stored 2-4 weeks in summer, winter – 2-3 months or more. For better storage, you need to choose complete, not damaged fruit. Fruits are not washed before they are stored in a cardboard or wooden container (you can wipe a cloth with glycerin), they are wrapped in paper with a dry stick or stomach chips. These suburban areas can be stored in special mattresses (up to 50 cm deep). Sprouts or pine branches that lie beneath the pit, placed in a packet of apple cellophane, tightly closed and coming from the ground.

    Dry apple glass should be stored in containers with a watet light (do not allow increased moisture). Frozen apples in the freezer are preserved for a year without losing their properties in the freezer. 

    What can the jasmine eat during the apple

     People suffer from high apathy, you swear apple sweet. When it is better to switch to baked apples than to the intensity of gastritis without sugar. Green apples are used in special foods to treat gastritis. He is caught and eaten every day during the first month (you need to eat early in the morning so that 4-5 hours remain before breakfast). Next month – grilled apples take three times a week for the third time a week. It is important to follow the required diet at the same time.

    Contraindications and loss from apple

     The potential loss from apple is small. Excessive happening can cause colitis. Passion for apple monodiets can also lead to distortion, overuse of malic acid – promoting inflammation. Extra stimuli for apples will also affect the tooth decay condition (it becomes thin). You should also know why germs can’t eat apples. It is from the top, duodenum and ulcerative diseases of the stomach. For chronic colitis, acute inflammation of gallbladder and urolithiasis, it is better to treat muted baked apple

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