7 products NOT to buy at Costco

If you are a Costco member, you know that shopping at this store offers a lot of savings. Usually, buying in bulk results in a very low cost per unit of the product at Costco. It is without a doubt that each visit to your Costco is a way to save.

With the savings Costco can offer us “lemons” – that is, products that we should not buy there because of the high price or because there is a good chance that the product will be wasted (not consumed entirely).

The rule is not to buy too many perishable products in the store, even if the price is so attractive. If your family does not have enough people to consume the product, it will be a waste. And wasting it is like throwing your money away. A good strategy is to follow your shopping list when shopping at Costco to avoid impulse purchases.

We invite you NOT to put these 7 products on your shopping list. These 7 products are cheaper elsewhere, or you will waste them. Here is the list of 7 products not to buy at Costco. This list is a continuation of our previous analysis: What to Buy and What Not to Buy at Costco.

Costco offers a rich array of books that you see in the middle of your trip to the store. But do not think that these are bargains. If you do a thorough search online, you will find the same books at lower prices on sites like Amazon.ca, Ebay.ca. If you read in English, check the Book Outlet site which sells books at super low prices. Prices for the same books can be 15-20% less on the internet than at Costco.


By comparing the prices of clothing and shoes at Costco with brand-name stores, you see that Costco offers real bargains. Before buying clothes and shoes at Costco, ask yourself the question why does Costco offer these products at ridiculous prices? A luxury product cannot cost $20-30.

Costco has agreements with brands to sell their products at more accessible prices. These products are usually inferior in quality to the same products sold in stores. If the quality is inferior, the clothes and shoes will not last long.

There are quite a few people who advise against buying flip-flops at Costco. Walmart or Dollarama can offer you alternatives at much lower prices. Plus, brands like Merrell give you great discounts online. Why pay more at Costco?


We agree that the return policy at Costco is excellent. You can return your electronic product for a longer period than at another store. But when it comes to pricing, electronics sold at Costco may have less advanced options than similar products sold for the same price at Best Buy or The Source.

In addition, Costco adds accessories that are not always welcome.

Speaking of discounts and sales, Best Buy can offer you unbeatable deals during the winter holiday season or for Black Friday. In addition, the price adjustment policy at BestBuy is very good.


Thinking about buying gallons of cooking oil at Costco? Don’t! Most cooking oils only last 3-5 months after opening. If you have a lot of cooking oil, you should be able to consume it for 8-10 weeks before it expires.

Sometimes it’s wise to buy cooking oil in small sizes at your local grocery store to avoid waste.


Be aware that the price of brand-name cereals sold at Costco are the same as those at your local store. The problem is, that Costco doesn’t discount brand-name cereals. On the other hand, in your Maxi or IGA, you can find your Cheerios on special every 2-3 weeks. Stock up on fearless Cheerios. Cereals stay good for 12 months (if their box is unopened).

If you have access to coupons, you could save even more in your store. Unfortunately, Costco does not accept coupons from manufacturers.


When I do my classes at Maxi or Super C, I see Pepsi, Cola, etc. on special. These discounts seem to me to be permanent. With discounts, soft drinks at Maxi, IGA, and Super C are cheaper than at Costco. A box of 12 sold for $2.50 at IGA last week. 24 cans of the same drink sold for $6 at Costco, which is more expensive ($0.21 vs. $0.25).


When you walk up to the checkout in your Costco, you’re probably passing by the rows of personal hygiene products. You see toothpastes (by 2 or 4) that you take without thinking much. But you should know that the brands of toothpaste offered at Costco are more expensive than elsewhere (Crest, Sensodyne). If the brand of toothpaste isn’t too important to you, buy toothpaste from another store. In your Jean Coutu or Pharmaprix, you will find plenty of them at lower prices per tube. Instead of giving $3 or $4 per tube at Costco (Crest), pay $1-$1.50 for a Colgate at Jean Coutu.

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