Edomae: Choo Choo All Aboard The Sushi Train

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Edomae: Choo Choo All Aboard The Sushi Train


Looking for a decent, traditional and (most importantly) light dinner after a heavy family lunch can be a tough endeavour.

Does the recently opened Japanese sushi train restaurant Edomae, in box hill satisfy the crucial requirements of being light, affordable and delicious? Read on to find out!

In a word, no. Just about every sushi train restaurant I’ve been to in Melbourne has left me feeling slightly disappointed at both the restaurant, for being so rubbish, and me, for fooling myself into thinking that this time, maybe this time, it will be something different, something… magical.

Disclaimer time! This review is only based on the sushi train portion of the restaurant. The rest of the menu consists of the usual japanese fare that include bento boxes and all your usual yada yada – dons. My opinion though, is that if the main attraction (the sushi train) is not up to par, surely the rest of the menu will be a similar affair.

The sushi train has three different platter levels: red – $3.50, white – $4.50 and yellow – $5.50.  The gallery below shows a sample of the platters available to purchase. The variety, to be perfectly blunt, is not great. I believe there were at least four to five duplicates in a row for each dish which mainly consisted of sushi rolls you would normally see at your local food court sushi takeaway. Taste wise, the sushi itself was not all that great. The rice was slightly hard and chewy and the few bits and pieces of “stuff” slung onto the actual mounds of rice were small and few. The only stand-out dish in my mind was the yellow platter crab stick-mayonnaise rice blob that actually had some form of tastiness to it.

The service was probably the best part of the restaurant, in that it wasn’t bad and the server’s were all generally friendly, with the sushi chefs in the middle of the train greeting us when we arrived and left.  Additionally one of the waitress’s did mention something about being the only Japanese restaurant to sell sea urchin in Melbourne, but we politely declined (I thought they were a pretty common thing these days?).

Overall, the disappointing taste, coupled with the lack of any real variety gave a decidedly unimpressionable first visit to a new (much needed) Japanese restaurant within the Box Hill area.

Not Recommended.

Edit: Fixed prices, thanks Johnny for the tip.

 Restaurant Details:
940 Whitehouse Road
Box Hill, 3128

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